About Our Tea

At Mountain View Tea Village, we pride ourselves in selling only the highest quality teas that cannot be found at the big chain stores and coffee shops. We carry only whole leaf teas, none of those powdery, low grade teas that you often find elsewhere. Our buyer personally goes to Taiwan to sample teas and purchase the best teas of the season.

All of our teas are direct from Taiwan so the teas are subject to differences in climate and environmental conditions. Because of this, some seasons produce better teas than other seasons. However, we only buy the crops that we believe produce the highest quality tea. For this reason, you may notice that some teas come and go with the changing of the season.

We recently released a new genre of teas that we are very excited about. Our new fragrant teas are a delicate infusion of high quality green or oolong teas and various fruits and flowers that add just a hint of tart sweetness to the teas. We encourage you to give these teas a taste and we hope you are as excited about them as we are.