Preparing Tea

Tea is best made with a Yixing clay teapot. These handcrafted teapots will regulate the temperature of the water and create a cup of tea that is truly enjoyable.

The first step of making tea is to wash the leaves by rinsing them. Next, place one to two teaspoons of tea in a Yixing teapot. Pour water that is 167-185°F (75-85°C) over the tea. Let it sit for a few seconds and immediately pour out the water into your serving container. This rinses the tea leaves and warms up the teapot and serving container. Warm up the teacups by pouring the rinse water into each of your teacups. Discard the water.

Using the pre-heated water make sure the tea leaves are all submerged. Infusions can vary in time depending on taste. Let your tea steep for 45 seconds for the first steeping. Subsequent steeping will be slightly increased as the tea looses flavor.

Pour tea into the pre-heated serving container. Let the tea decant into the container.

Pour the tea into teacups. As you gain practice making tea, you will adjust the infusion time and amount of tea to suit your particular taste.