Black Teas

Black tea is a type of tea that is more heavily oxidized than white, green or oolong teas. This prolonged oxidation process results in a tea that is generally stronger, darker and has a higher caffeine content.

Our teas are hand-processed after harvest and then placed in a temperature and humidity controlled room to oxidize. At this time, other ingredients can be added to enhance the flavor of the tea. For example, our Dragon Eyes tea is allowed to oxidize in proximity with longan fruit. As the leaves oxidize, the leaves take on the aroma and subtle flavor of the fruit. In addition to prolonging the shelf life of the tea, the longer oxidation time allows for a wide variety of distinct flavors and aromas across a collection of black teas. After oxidation, the leaves are flash roasted to help seal in the flavor and aroma of the tea.

Although green tea generally is regarded as the healthy alternative to coffee, black tea also has health benefits such as anti-oxidants and flavonoids, which can boost your immune system and reduce high blood pressure. We have a diverse collection of black teas representing a wide variety of flavors to fit any preference.

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    • White Peach Green Oolong/Black Fragrant Tea

      White Peach Green Oolong/Black Fragrant Tea

      from $9.99

    • Black Pearl Oolong

      Black Pearl Oolong


      This tea is a basic black tea that has slight overtones of green leaves and sweetened coffee without the bitterness. The leaves produce a smooth, dark amber liquor and a very soothing aroma. The tea is rolled into pearls to decrease the surface are that is exposed to the air. This helps to protect the flavor of the tea and keeps the tea fresh for longer.

    • Yunan Gold Black Tea

      Yunan Gold Black Tea

      from $15.99

      Yunan Gold is a black tea that originates from the Yunnan Province in China. This cool, mountainous region is the perfect environment for creating many of the highest quality teas, many of which we feature here at Mountain View Tea Village. Yunan Gold can be identified by its golden leaves and its full-bodied, earthy aroma. The tea is extremely smooth with slightly sweet tones over a floral earthy flavor. Yunan Gold is similar to Yunan Black Tea, but it’s of a rarer and slightly higher grade.

    • Red Pearl Premium Black Tea

      from $20.99

    • Golden Needle Black Tea

      Golden Needle Black Tea

      from $7.99

      Golden Needle is a full-bodied black tea named for its distinctive, long, golden leaves that are found in the high mountains of the Yunnan Province of China. It is considered to be the rarest and highest quality of all the Chinese black teas. It produces a rich, amber colored tea with a fresh aroma and a sweet, honey finish.

    • Yunan Black Tea

      Yunan Black Tea

      from $0.00

      Yunnan Black tea originates from the Yunnan Province of China, home to many of the most popular Chinese teas. The tips of the leaves have a golden color to it, a distinctive characteristic of teas from this region. This tea has a full-bodied and earthy aroma that results in a smooth and slightly sweet flavor.

    • Dragon Eyes Black Tea (out of stock)

      Dragon Eyes Black Tea (out of stock)


      Dragon eyes is a fully oxidized black tea that is infused with the flavor of the longan fruit. The longan fruit is a fruit native to Southern China and is very similar to the lychee fruit from the same region. This creates a full-bodied black tea that begins and ends with calm overtones of the sweet longan fruit.

    • Da Hong Pao Black Tea

      from $0.00