Green Teas

Green tea leaves generally undergo less than 5% oxidation. This level of oxidation allows for the pure flavor of the tea leaf to shine through and minimizes the processing impact on the inherent nutrients and vitamins. Our teas are also hand rolled to protect the leaf's surface area to further ensure that the tannins are unaffected. This careful process results in a tea that has a light, crisp, sweet flavor and a light floral aroma.

Green teas are high in anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, which help to boost the immune system. In addition to anti-oxidants, green teas also contain polyphenols, minerals such as zinc and chromium, and various other nutrients that help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Green tea is also though to help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Our green tea collection is diverse in its distinct flavors and aromas. We think you'll enjoy every one of our hand selected, high quality green teas.

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    • Pearl Orchid Green Tea

      Pearl Orchid Green Tea

      from $6.99

      This green tea is scented with the pleasant fragrance of orchid blossoms and hand rolled into pearls. This reduces the surface are of the leaves that is exposed to the air, thereby protecting the flavor and freshness of the tea. When steeped, the leaves unfurl and produce a tea with a fresh green tea taste and with a sweet, floral undertone.

    • Lake Forest Green Oolong

      Lake Forest Green Oolong

      from $20.99

      Lake Forest green oolong is similar to the ah-lee peak with a slightly sweeter and longer lasting flavor. It creates a greenish-yellow liquor with a smooth and mellow taste that lasts for several steepings.

    • Ah-Lee Peak Premium Green Oolong

      Ah-Lee Peak Premium Green Oolong

      from $15.99

      Our Ah-Lee Peak green oolong comes from the very top of a mountain in Taiwan. The cool air and high altitude helps to create a light, premium green tea that has a very distinct taste. This tea creates a greenish-yellow liquor that is slightly grassy and subtly sweet. As with many of the premium teas from this region, the leaves should be good for multiple steepings.

    • Out of Stock-Longjing Green Tea

      Out of Stock-Longjing Green Tea

      from $7.99

      Longjing tea is one of the most popular high quality teas in China. It comes from Zhejiang Province in Southeast China and is often referred to as the national drink of China. This unoxidized green tea produces a gentle aroma and rich flavor with a hint of fruit and chestnut.

    • Lee Shan Premium Green Oolong

      Lee Shan Premium Green Oolong


      Our Lee Shan Premium Oolong comes from the mountain plantations of Taiwan and is one of the highest grade teas that we carry. The cool air in this high altitude region makes for the perfect environment for growing a high grade tea like Lee Shan. This tea makes a golden liquor that is light, mildly sweet, and somewhat reminiscent of apricots.

      This item is out of stock.

    • Vanilla Cream Green Oolong

      Vanilla Cream Green Oolong

      from $13.99